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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Embryonic Non-Facebook HTML presence of Ashby Utting is Now Available.

Hello Internet!

My name is Ashby Utting and this is my blog.  Thank you for visiting!

If you do not yet know me, I am a twin cities designer currently enrolled in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's BFA Comic Art program.  I live in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis with my lovely fiancee and adorable toddler.  Originally hailing from the Sacramento/San Francisco regions of California, I really enjoy comics, design and a well (and sometimes not-so-well) brewed beer.

The contents of this blog will focus primarily around my work as a comics artist. However, occasionally I will offer some stand alone illustrated images, links to my gratuitously designed web pages, as well as some typographic design experimentations. And sometimes, I'll just comment on subjects I find interesting.  

Over the next month I will be posting some recently completed comics, type, and web designs.

There will also be consistent updates of my printed and bound materials: dates of self-publications and convention appearances.

To access and contemplate one  nugget of my design "canon," please click on the following image to enjoy the first draft of my up and coming website!  Also, if you explore my website you may find a link to a Grotto: The Dead Ringer section.  Here, you can not only read the first part of the self-published comic I created with Andrew Herbst and others, but you can do so while listening to the FFVI "Shadow Theme Song." For a double plus, I suggest the perfect small batch rye whiskey pairing for the comic...  Enjoy.

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