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Friday, April 15, 2011

Haven't posted in awhile.

Hey internets.

I haven't posted for awhile because I have been fervently working on senior project.  Expect an online version of Grotto Part 2 How Ever Long the Night sometime in the next couple weeks and the print version some time soon after that in preparation.  You'll notice part two is a bit more rendered, as I am better, at er, stuff.  Sorta.  Here is a sneaky peeky.

Also, some character illustrations i've been working on for a Quantum Mechanic storyline proposal which is now a week late.

Vectro Con Dagmar:  Wilder.  Apostate.  Deep Space Nomad. 

Mozis:  Ex-Military.  Teleporter.  Devourer of Pure Galactic Essences.  Dark Knight.

Nero:  Genetic perfection.  Overlord.  Hypernet Wizard.  Techno-genius.

Horu: Wilder.  Monster hunter.  Grandpa. Hibernator.

Hatching ain't dead, my friends.  

This is all for fun.  ALL OF IT.  I sit at my table and drink coffee an listen to NPR and spend hours drawing in laser focus mode while my fiancee tries to revive me for some toast.  It doesn't seem like alot of fun while I'm doing it sometimes, but lately I like my drawing just a little bit more.  I want to thank my patient family for putting up with me.

But I'm not going to end it on that note.  Did anyone know I like to program?  Well, no one is really making games like Final Fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger any more, so I decided.  WHY THE HELL NOT?  I can tell a decent story and come up with some epic ideas (in no understandable order yet, but I'm working on that), and I love to code.  So below are some meager tests I've been able to slide within the senior project inking schedule.  Click on the pansy boy below and go to an external website and you just might see an old friend walking in place he probably shouldn't (if you're an uber geek like me).

Bon Voyage, Internets!

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