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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

some experimentation with stuff

Hey Internet.
Design.  Sort of.  I got a hair up... and then.  Poof.

here is a dot i like
so then i made many dots

screwing around with ocr

more screwing around.  pretending i'm a prominent, talented and famous designer

screen shot.  messing the pattern up

blueline it.  print it.  trace it.

photograph at angle.  repeat above.  

stick a white logo over it.

tilt it make it blue.  play with compostion

design quadrants of gradients around it.  have the blue design puke up red dots

tired of the blue.  throw in a brontosaurus for kicks

realize it's over-designed. separate the two elements.

prep for curriculum vitae.

distort and butcher some ocr into barely readable awkward paragraphs

have my designs throw up some more

use the quadrant gradients as an organizational structure for a cv.  throw in a beauty mark.

having the best time ever.  what does this say below?

I decided to push my cover letter and resume into some experimental territory.  I don't know if it worked yet, but looking back it the process two weeks later it was some good times.  Does anyone like my  typographic experiment?  i like it charming/ugly

Anyways.  I have like fifteen fantasy ink illustrations underway and stuff.  they will be epic sci fi anthropomorphic goodness.  word.


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