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Monday, September 12, 2011

Well Here's Something

Yeah, I know.  It's been awhile.  I had to take a little break, to, uh, work full-time and support my family while we had another little boy.  But now we're getting back to our old routine, and I'm going to be producing some new work in the next couple of months.  Think comics and websites.  Might start a Tumblr.  Might enter some sketch jams.  We'll see.  But for the past few months I've been working on these sketches, just for the hell of it.  Alot of these illustrations have no point.  I was taking a breather.   So I hope you enjoy some of these.  They were fun.  Good times.  Okay.
Had a wild idea to draw a rattlesnake on top of a three-legged tarantula.  The opening concept was far more fantastical, and included mammaries, but halfway though I changed my mind and accepted my spider would be anatomically incorrect.  By the way, that's a cluster of eggs ye olde snake is guarding.  Right, let's move on.

 Basically a stone golem chillin' in his backyard.  Looking at the quails.  Yeah.  That's it.
This is probably the only one I vaguely pre-conceptualized.  Lion dude.  Cubs.  Prairie.  Thing in background.

I finally got around to inking that man-of-bats sketch.  I like it.

Monsters. Somehow an atlantean demon and a dino-lizard man ended up on the same page, even though one is clearly aquatic and the other land-based.  Maybe they operate the supply and distribution of a fantasy drug trade.

Long legged alien guy.  The bastard love child of a rattlesnake and a three-legged tarantula.

Anatomical study.  I'm hoping this will find it's way in an "experimental graphic design" poster for MIX.

For the two of you who read my blog, this is the guy I tried to animate in Flash.  I liked this pose which I did as a study so I inked it.

I was really lose with these pencils so the inks are kinda busy.  Also, this drawing is kinda small (I know, I know, excuses).  But come on...  Porcupine guy is awesome.  He will most definitely return sometime in the future.

He has magic summoning tazers.  Don't ask.

Hopefully most of these end up in my 2012 sketch book that I'm calling Rich Black, which will be 40 pages, lazer printed, bound in some interesting pulp based cover, that I will have available for MIX.  I think I'm going to put lines or boxes and empty pages so that, maybe, people draw in it, or give random narratives to my characters.  I think that would be cool.

I'm going to try to post up here more often.  You might be thinking, "well, why didn't you scan these as you do them and post them?"  I don't have any good reason.  You're probably not even thinking that.  I'll stop talking to myself.

Honestly though, things are going to get cranked.  

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