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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WCWC Webcomic Launch


So for my facebook friends, twitter followers, and blog subscribers, I thought I would put in a tiny little note about a new webcomic created by Frank Darden and myself.

Well that's not exactly the truth.  It was Frank who created When Claws Were Cool.  It was Frank who created the super-flawed characters.  It was Frank who, through the years, developed this original type of humour that, in my opinion, hums around the edges of super-hero satire, parody, physical slapstick, sarcasm, and toilet-gags while circumventing quiet little moments of despair.

I was lucky enough to be invited onto the project by Frank.  And in the past six months I've taken his words and concepts and visualized this webcomic to the best of my ability.  It's crazy, because we are now just releasing the first pages that we created six months ago.  We have six months worth of content ready to upload, every thursday.  We also have a few years of written content.  So rest assured, WCWC will be around for awhile, evolving, developing, and escalating into the nether regions of ridiculousness.

Now I'm going to stop talking about the webcomic cause I know Frank will have some way better things to say.

I just wanted to thank some people. My Ma, Pop and annoying little sister, as well as my extended family.  Christine Daves, at the MCAD career center, for connecting me with Frank. Barb Schulz, Tom K, Zak Sally and Jim Keefe, my comic instructors at MCAD.  Erik Brandt and Kindra Murphy, for teaching me about typography and design. Hedwig, Bart, Caitlin, Amaya, Peter and Alex for being right there with me. John K Louis, for being the one random awesome dude to automatically start believing in me.  Andrew Herbst for many things, many future things, and for help inking the comic. Random web contributors who don't know I exist: Chris Coyier for the blank wordpress theme, Alex Moss for the facebook comment section, Ariel Flesler for inspiring some site elements. Top Shelf Attic for the web design inspiration.  Wizards who helped me directly: Phi Le, Jon Jensen and Bob Algeo(who also indirectly inspired the web design), for answering, illuminating and enduring all my emails about site debugging, javascript and php.

CarrieAnn. Ki Bae. Ryu.  Thank you all for the inspiration and your patience.

And Frank.

Oh yeah. Check out the webcomic here! Oh and tomorrow we start updating, and tweeting, and inviting.


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