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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Education and Instruction through Visual Graphic Narrative Storytelling using Panels and Cute Characters, oh and Quotes and Links and Stuff

Hey Internet,

I don't know if any of you know this, but in addition to adventure and science fiction comics, I have ambitions and passions in instructional comics.  Comics enthusiasts will be quick to remember both Will Eisner and Scott McCloud.  But have you heard of Gene Yang, Big Time Attic, or the 1944 Journal of Educational Sociology studies?  Hmmm....  Fascinating!

Below is an instructional comics I completed in MCAD(fullscreen mode may provide a more comfortable reading experience):

Ashby Utting Instructo Comic

And here, a zine, with quotes:


Also, links!

Gene Yang's Comics in Education.
Big Time Attic  Browse the several nonfiction historical and scientific comics titles.  Quality.

It is my goal to one day assist on a large comics and design orientated text book and web presence.  I believe narrative and visual stimulation improves education and cognitive development.  Comics just seems like a natural fit.

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