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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the Kids!

Hey internet!

First off I wanted to thank everyone who has visited and revisited this little blog I've got.  I check out the stats occasionally, and I know a few of you who are keeping up.  Here's a shout out to John and Jo-Z in Japan, Maayan in Israel, Phi and Alex and Andrew here in the twin cities, Alice over there in San Francisco and my awesome soon-to-be-brother-in-law Paul.  Thanks to all you other visitors whom I can't yet distinguish through stats or facebook comments.

I though I'd post some things I worked on over the break, which are sorta comic related.  I did a couple of kid oriented pieces for my son and my sons best friend.  The first was a christmas gift for family members.  Below are the inks and finished colors.

I like the end result, but on a second try I think I would try a fully rendered pencil drawing (but I knew I can do that- I had never tried this).   Live and learn right?  I'm still grasping for that free flowing gestural line.  He's cute though.  He's incredibly polite too, and can recognize himself in this picture.  So, success!

This following image was a request from one of CarrieAnn's friends from work.  Her little son, Lucas, had a Batman party and I agreed- yes it would be incredibly awesome drawing Lucas and Batman together.  Emily and Xavvi have really come through for us, and it was a blast working on this.

I still have yet to give them the print, so if anyone sees something obviously weird with this one, let me know!

I've decided to re-approach this later and see if anything shouts out at me.  Already I'm noticing that the hand blast needs a little more work, and maybe I could desaturate Batman a bit to push him into the background.

Oh, and I thought I'd post pictures of them together.  Cause they're buddies.  Maybe this summer I can work out a hero image with both of them...

Cute, right?
Ki Bae (and Frank Quitely) helped me deal with my lengthy dislike of Robin.  Robin, your ok.  


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  1. ありがとうございます Ashby! (Thanks!)

    What a great drawing of Ki Bae and a super cool gift for little Lucas :)

    Oh and the boys' superhero pics are adorable too.